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New music festival coming to London, Ont. in November

In 2021, London, Ont. was designated Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music.

It reaffirms that the city is an international hub for music and culture, so it's no surprise that another music festival is planning to make its debut right here in the Forest City.

Known for its talented artists, songwriters, and producers like Loud Luxury, Emm Gryner and Tommy Hunter, London is the perfect location for VENUExVENUE — a multi-day, multi-venue live music festival coming in November.

Founder Darryl Hurs said London was his number one pick.

"The Junos have been there, the CMAOs have been there, Folk Alliance has been there. I think that's kind of a sign. And I actually was just there for Sunfest, also. So there's a real draw in London and I think that there's so much potential over the next 5 years, it's amazing," said Hurs.

The live music festival will feature more than 50 emerging Ontario artists.

“We've got venues in the core like Rumrunners, London Music Hall, Fitzrays, The Richmond, and we're looking at adding a couple of others. Somebody can have a wristband and can go from venue to venue and what we've seen in the past is artists can actually really build relationships, new fans, but also build community," Hurs explained.

Tourism London said it's events like these that allow the city's economy to flourish.

“In the business of tourism, we talk about being in the business of 'heads in beds,” said Natalie Wakabayashi at Tourism London.

“If we can have a multi-day festival where you're spending a couple of nights here in the city, your economic impact is multiplied. And it really does feel the effects in our core and across the city. Whether it be restaurants, shops, hotels, that type of thing," she elaborated.

On Thursday July 27, VENUExVENUE will unveil their festival line up during a live concert at Fanshawe's Good Foundation Theatre, as part of the London City Music Concert series.

“We've had people in the industry come out to watch artists and then produce them and now they're Juno Award winning. So it's not just the artists, it’s the whole ecosystem of the music industry. Everyone gets their start," said Hurs. Top Stories

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