London West is currently held by Liberal incumbent Kate Young.

Liberal Candidate – Kate Young (Incumbent)

Kate Young is the Parliamentary Secretary for Science and Sport; and the Parliamentary Secretary for Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility. She was also the first female news anchor at CFPL-TV in London.

Conservative Candidate – Liz Snelgrove

Liz Snelgrove is a professional healthcare consultant with a degree in political science from Western. She also obtained her MBA from the Ivey School of Business.

NDP Candidate – Shawna Lewkowitz

Shawna Lewkowitz is described as a community organizer and educator. She is currently an instructor at King’s University College in London.

Green Candidate – Mary Ann Hodge

Mary Ann Hodge has a Bachelor of Science from Western University. She pursued a successful career in Facilities Management, culminating in the construction of the first commercial LEED certified office building.

PPC Candidate – Michael TJ McMullen

Michael TJ McMullen served in Canada’s Armed Forces and has spent more than 20 years working for multinational corporations and financial institutions.