She's a mother of seven and grandmother of 14, now Helena Vermeeren is also a million-dollar prize winner.

The 76-year-old says she's still can't believe she won the top prize in 'The $1 Million Swipe-Stakes' promotion.

"It really just hit me last night," she said at OLG Slots at Western Fair District where she picked up her cheque on Tuesday.

Vermeeren was on of 224,000 people who entered the June contest that gave eligible Winner's Circle Rewards members across Ontario a chance to win.

She says she visits the slots at the Western Fair District once or twice a month with her daughter, and that's where she was last Thursday when she learned she'd won the grand prize.

She told OLG officials, "I just went numb. I won smaller amounts before but never anything like this. I don't think I realized how much money it really was at the time."

As for her plans for the money, Vermeeren - a widow and retired farmer - says she plans to share with her family.

"My son is legally blind and I would like to help him out. I also have four grandchildren who are in university. Finally, I would like to do some travelling with my daughter."