Two million radioactive fuel bundles could be on their way to midwestern Ontario.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is trying to find a home for millions of fuel bundles that make up Canada's most radioactive nuclear waste.

Three communities in Bruce County and one in Huron County are still in the running to house a $24 billion underground storage facility.

A rolling display of the NWMO's plans for the waste arrived in Point Clark on Thursday and will remain until Saturday.

Mike Krizanc of NWMO says, "We expect it will be another two or three years before we get down to two or one communities that will be looked at in a more comprehensive way...and that is a lengthy five-year or more study where all of the heavy lifting will be done, all of the major science will be done, so that all of the information is on the table for the community and for the NWMO so that an informed decision can be made."

The project is separate from Ontario Power Generation's plans to bury Ontario's low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste on the Bruce Power site.