LONDON, ONT. -- Angela Bodnar of London is desperate to get a COVID-19 test for her nine-year-old son Andrew after he was sent home from school on Monday with possible symptoms.

“It's frustrating because I started in Oakridge and the line up had to have been 200 cars and then we headed to Carling and that was another hundred cars,” said Bodnar.

Finally, Bodnar headed east to Dorchester and got in line for the mobile site provided by the Middlesex-London Paramedic Service (MLPS).

“I think we got here at nine o'clock and it's four hours later,” said Bodnar.

Miranda Bothwell with the MLPS says the mobile unit is aimed at relieving some of the pressure at other community assessment locations.

“We totally understand the frustrations and the waiting and we're just hoping that this is another option for some people," said Bothwell.

Everyday there are a limited number of tests conducted at the mobile site, the first 100 people are screened and others are told to return on another date just like Wednesday.

“It’s just so that we are still being mindful of the labs processing, and we want to make sure that people are getting their tests processed at a decent rate,” said Bothwell.

Even though young Andrew is feeling fine, both mother and son are remaining positive and hoping to be negative.

“I'm hoping that he's going to fail his test absolutely and then he can go back to school,’ said Bodnar.