LONDON, ONT. -- Anyone near the vaccination site at the North London Optimist Centre Monday may have noticed long line ups and a confusion of vehicles, but don’t worry it was by design.

The Middlsex-London Health Unit says they were stress testing the site to how it handled a higher capacity of vaccinations.

"We wanted to take advantage of this lack of capacity … or lack of utilization of full capacity to stress those things out; to make sure that we've got everything fine-tuned,” said Dr. Alex Summers, associate medical officer of health.

“So that when the inventory does arrive we can run all cylinders at all of our mass-vaccination sites."

Usually the site administers about 700 vaccines a day but that was cranked up to 2,000 on Monday.

The test was done in preparation for when more vaccines are available and the health unit can ramp up the number of doses administered.

The long lines seen are not common for the site which operates on a by-appointment system.