BAYFIELD, ONT. -- It’s sunflowers as far as the eye can see on the edge of Bayfield, and every single yellow ray of sunshine is in honour of Max Rombouts, a two-year-old from Forest, who has captured a community’s heart.

“Every time we see a sunflower, we see Max’s beaming face. He was such a happy boy,” say his parents, Kevin and Jamie Rombouts.

Less than a month after Max succumb to leukemia, neighbour Brian Schoonjans planted a field of sunflowers in his memory.

This summer, four more fields stretching from Forest to Bayfield have been planted.

“This was my first time growing sunflowers, and it was probably the highest pressure crop there was this year. We didn’t want to screw this one up, knowing so many people were waiting to see it,” says Taylor Van Aaken, who planted a field of sunflowers on his Uncle Brian Coombs land, on the edge of Bayfield.

People can come and take pictures with the sunflowers, and pick some to take home, for a donation.

From last year alone, over $60,000 has been raised for charities like ChildCan that helped the Rombouts during Max’s two year struggle with leukemia.

“Everyone has a story to tell, and you don’t know that until you go through something like this yourself. So it’s awesome to know that these fields mean so much to those people, as it does us,” says Kevin Rombouts.

“Miracle Max’s Minions was created to make sure Max’s memory would carry on forever, and I think we’ve done that,” says Brian Schoonjans, who planted the first field of sunflowers last summer.

There are four fields of sunflowers in Max’s memory.

You can find a link to all four fields by clicking here.