A London family that has been seeking help from the city for five years, is now battling the corporation.

The Smith family, who live off Millbank Drive, have high amounts of methane gas coming from the ground around their home.

The city maintains it is naturally occurring swamp gas.

Last year, the Smiths had the property reassessed and the value of the home was found to be zero because of the risk for explosion. The city is appealing that ruling by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Now, another report shows benzene, acetone, isooctane, and methylene chloride were all detected in and around their home.

“Now we have even more proof that it's contaminated,” says homeowner Michelle Smith, who adds their health and safety is at risk and her family is ready to move.

“It’d just be ridiculous to stay here.”

She met with a city representative Monday before a Justice of the Peace to discuss the issue.

There was no resolution at the meeting and the JP says it is more appropriate to deal with the matter before the courts.

At this point, the city wants to have its own tests done on the property

“This is not an ordinary home that you just throw up in any old subdivision. This is one that was built with the methane gas known,” said the city’s Nicole Hall, during the hearing, which was adjourned until a later date.

That has Smith frustrated.

“Clearly our land's contaminated, so let's get on with it and get us in a safe and healthy environment,” Smith says.