LONDON, ONT. -- OPP are looking into a complaint of a man who dressed as a police officer during an interaction with a snowplow driver.

The operator was stopped at the intersection of Highway 7 and Clarke Road in Middlesex Centre around 12 p.m. Sunday by the fake officer.

The suspect's vehicle is described as a dark-coloured SUV with red and blue flashing lights on the front grill and windshield. It was not marked and did not have a front push bar.

The suspect is described as the following:

  • white male with a thin build
  • late 20s or early 30s in age
  • blonde hair and goatee
  • sleeve tattoos to the wrists in dark ink
  • wearing a dark T-shirt with "POLICE" in yellow lettering on the chest and three chevrons on each shoulder

The suspect also had a radio with a microphone on his upper chest and a police-style duty belt.

Residents can always ask a police officer to provide the name of their service, detachment, badge number, rank officer's badge and warrant card.

Contact OPP if you have any information.