A mobile team specially trained to help people dealing with a mental health crisis is officially being launched in London Thursday after a successful two-month pilot project.

Headed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) London-Middlesex Branch, the team works in cooperation with the London Police Service and the London and District Distress Centre.

In a press release, Police Chief Brad Duncan said “Having a Mobile Crisis Response Team is intended to de-emphasize and de-escalate police involvement with persons in mental health crisis and, most importantly, effectively provide them with the health care services they need.”

The team has been responding to calls every day, around the clock since the pilot project started in November 2012.

Michael Petrenko, executive director, CMHA London-Middlesex said in a media release “We have seen excellent results…Between November and December, we received an average of six mobile crisis calls per day.”

So far, London police are the biggest referral source for the team, and it has allowed for a faster response, appropriate assistance and ensured resources are used effectively.

Bryan Bicknell will have more on the CTV News at 6.