LONDON, ONT. -- There's chocolate, and then there's that really good chocolate that you know was made by a professional. Chocolatier, Marc Forrat brings Londoners the very best.

People find their passion through different ways. For Forrat, becoming a chocolaterie was an escape from a difficult childhood.

"I made chocolates for people. They loved me back, therefore validating that I was worth loving. As a kid, bullied, hurt by family and strangers, you end up hanging on for dear life and chocolate created an avenue for me to finally feel loved instead of hurt or ignored."

Born in Brazil, Forrat moved to London with his wife, whom he met in France 18 years ago. Together they relocated to Windsor before settling in London.

His first store opened in September, 2003 at the Covent Garden Market under the name, "La Choclaterie Forrat Inc." but it was changed to Forrat's Chocolates.

Using natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavours, his chocolate brings you back to the basics, "fresh ingredients, hand crafted quality, and a passion for making chocolate."

Forrat's ChocolateSpecializing in European handcrafted truffles and fine chocolates, Forrat has some unique products to offer his clients.

"Right now, the craze is Hot Chocolate Bombs, where you put your 'bomb' inside a mug and fill it with hot milk to reveal a delicious hot chocolate treat."

Ever the entrepreneur, he created Forrat's Chocolate Studio and Chocolate Lounge, for customers to enjoy the full chocolate making experience.

Unfortunately, they had to temporarily shut the studio down because of the restrictions of the pandemic. He has since re-opened and considers himself one of the lucky ones.

"We've lost a large portion of our sales, but thankfully Londoners helped us stay afloat and kept the business going."

Customers can purchase caramels, chocolate bars, hot chocolate bombs, truffles, and many other customer favorites at their store at 2190 Dundas Street in London.

Chocolate covered gummies
Chocolate dipped gummies (Source: Marc Forrat)

His chocolates are so good they caught the eye of the Dragon's Den in 2006. Forrat was offered an investment deal with Jim Treliving, co-owner of Boston Pizza who wanted 50% of the business to create 200 franchise outlets across the country.

"Dragons Den was an opportunity to become known and expose my craft to millions of people. They've helped me a lot, but nothing materialized after we disagreed with what the outcome would be."

Forrat wanted to stick to his roots and grow the business through his reputation of home-made chocolates with natural ingredients and not have the corporate feel that he felt the agreement would have created.

Forrat's ChocolatesNever forgetting his passion for helping others, he created Forrat's Feeds Families.

"When COVID-19 started, we wanted to help so we've started an initiative to bring food to Londoners in need."

To date, they have been able to help feed approximately 200 households.

From chocolate dipped gummies to Oreo's dipped in Forrat's European chocolate, there's plenty of sweet treats to choose from.

"We appreciate Londoners for their support during these unprecedented times."