LONDON, ONT. -- Love it or hate it, social media can be a way to interact with people, sell merchandise, or simply be an outlet to tell a story.

Woodstock local Celina Myers, respectfully known as 'Celina Spooky Boo' by her fans covers all the checkpoints when it comes to social media.

Myers journey began in 2015 when she started 'The Haunted Estate', her podcast about true paranormal stories. In August of 2019, she became inspired by the social media platform TikTok and began posting one funny video a day.

By December of that same year, she had gathered an impressive following of over 1 million followers on TikTok. 

"My main goal in my videos is to make people smile. I like to think I have one minute to either make them smile or feel inspired. So, I throw all of my energy into each video. I would call my videos comedy, but with a dusting of confidence spiking and a crumb of spookiness," Myers says.

At the time this article was written, Myers TikTok account had 6.4 million followers with an astounding 194.3 million likes, her Instagram had 423 thousand followers and her YouTube channel had 183 thousand subscribers, which tells me she's clearly doing everything right!

Celina Myers
"I was your generic 'weird kid' in high school. I went to three different ones. There weren’t many friends, situations or people who felt 'right to me'. I just didn’t fit in. I feel like all us weirdos found each other on my page. Somehow 6.4 (million) amazing spirited people found their way to me on TikTok alone and I am blown away."

Not only is Myers successful when it comes to numbers on her socials, but she has become a successful entrepreneur as well.

"I have always been best at being my own boss," she says. "Maybe it is the fact that I'm strong willed or maybe it's because I hate getting up early. I just love creating things. My brain feels like it's always rolling with new ideas."

Part of her work involved writing. With 50,000 thousand copies of her books in both paper and audio form to date, Myers began writing when she started her podcast. 

"I had spent a lot of my life hiding my interests and it felt like the time to start sharing my stories. Writing my own experiences made it an easy transition to start writing fiction."

As if that's not enough, Myers even has a makeup line under BeautyXBoo consisting of her original 'CelinaSpookyBoo' shadow palette. 

Celina Spooky Boo's make-up line
"I remember curating the entire thing, and testing formulas. When I saw the finished project, it blew my mind! I remember sitting in front of the computer right before it launched and just saying to myself that I would be happy if 20 sold. It launched at 1 p.m. and at 12:58 p.m., the site went down because there was too much traffic on it! Then once we got it fixed everything sold out within 30 seconds. That day change my whole life."

But for the cartoon of her likeness on her make-up, created by a fan, Myers created all of the colours, names, and designs.

"My 'You Got This' palette was created to inspire you every morning when you put colors on like 'boss babe' and 'small steps'. Without a doubt though, my most popular palette has been out 'You’re the Sh*t' palette. I am known for my Whoopie Cushion pranks and my love of poop humor."

With all of her successes, she doesn't forget those who could use a little extra help. Her followers helped her raise over $5,000 dollars this past Christmas to buy toys and cash to donate. 

Of course, she doesn't just fill any car with donations - she fills her Hearse, which she says her followers have helped fill four times over with supplies for the homeless and vulnerable. 

Celina Myers in front of her Hearse
All of this success and not an ounce of arrogance, egotism, or conceit. Myers adores her fans.

"I always feel so humbled and end up feeling super emotional in my car after meeting fans because I get to hear stories on how I helped made them smile on a hard day. Hearing their stories are so touching," she says. 

"My followers have changed my life in such an amazing way. I spent a lot of years very sad, and very sick. My husband and I had suffered a lot of loss, and I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease right before my husband sustained a brain injury. So they really lead the way for me. They helped me see there is never a reason to give up."

With so many followers, she can't help but be recognized. She doesn't take it for granted either. She's always excited to speak with people who want to say hi. In 2019, after rocketing to one million followers, she was recognized at White Oaks Mall.

"Right when I walked in I was recognized. Quickly others recognized me and a line formed. I met over 35 followers that day! Since then I feel lucky to meet my awesome followers."

And what advice does she have for those who want to follow in her footsteps?

"Do it – and try not to get discouraged."

She says she tells people not to necessary follow popular trends. Great lighting and getting to the point of the video quickly is the way to make short videos that will gain attention. 

Celina Spooky Boo Myers
Yes, this is Myers full time job saying it's 24/7. 

"I feel so blessed that my husband was able to leave his factory job and now works with me. We have also been able to employ others, and create jobs. I was one of the lucky ones in 2020. I owe that to all my amazing friends - because my followers are my friends."

Her fans will note that Myers has many pets: Max a Swiss Mountain cross Lab, Jackson a Jack Russel, Molly a Havanese, five parrots, conures, and a budgie. 

"My hope is to help rehome small dogs in the future. I would love to be a transition place for small dogs to be at peace until we can find them their forever homes."

What's next for Myers? Fans of her books will be excited to hear of another book expected to be out early this year.

Hoping it will be a 'game changer' she says, "I have never been so excited for something in my entire life! It is like the story is pouring out of me. I have always been obsessed with shows like vampire diaries, and books that were based in the vampire world. So, I am working on a coming of age vampire book that feels like a really believable story."

Celina Myers books
Myers also plans to create more content throughout the year, including more documentary style haunted videos for her YouTube Channel.

Fans will also be excited to hear that soon you'll be able to purchase affordable size inclusive leggings, created by Myers.

"At the end of the day there would be no SpookyBoo without their (her fans) love, and I feel their love every day and hope 2021 bring each one magic."

An incredibly down to earth person, Myers continues to create content and products to make people smile, feel good about themselves, and enjoy some silliness at a time when they could use it the most. She interacts with her fans through Instagram stories, and answers just about any question thrown her way.

So what is her personal dream aside from everything she's done to date? To have a guest spot on Letterkenny.

With her determination, I expect we'll be seeing that happen sometime soon.