LONDON, ONT. -- This year has been an interesting one to say the least. With that, many people have found some great ways of dealing with not being able to spend time with friends.

Meet Brandon Eedy, the Talent Buyer and Production Manager at London Music Hall who found a way to bring people together – through music.

Brandon Eedy
Brandon Eedy hosts Rock and Roll BINGO to help connect people and support businesses through the pandemic (Source: Whitney South)

Eedy, who has been producing concerts and events in London for the past twenty years has been keeping people busy virtually with his Rock & Roll BINGO events.

A friend of Eedy's who bartends in London found a similar idea while on vacation.

"He brought the idea home to me and figured that I could improve on it and add my own spin to make it something else, and even better – and the response was incredible."

Prior to the pandemic, Eedy hosted Rock & Roll BINGO every Tuesday night at Winks Eatery for free. As things changed with COVID-19 regulations, Eedy took his game online.

So, what exactly is Rock & Roll BINGO?

"The game is simple. It's BINGO, but with music instead of numbers being called," Eedy says. "Songs all the way from the 60's to today. Cards are emailed out to you as are the prizes."

For a donation of $10 dollars, you receive four cards for four rounds. There's up to $700 dollars in prizes and gift certificates up for grabs each week. When a song is played, you mark it off on your card.

Rock and Roll BINGO

The game connects anywhere from 150 to 300 people playing. Players join in locally as well from the East and West Coasts, and even the United States. Being virtual allows people to connect from just about anywhere.

With the music industry stopped since March at the beginning of the pandemic, Eedy says it's been very stressful. But even with the stress of not working, he wanted to connect and help out local businesses.

"I'm really just trying to help out local businesses and causes that I love, in this time of need. Supporting my favourite locally owned small shops who I want to see still there on the other side of this, and every little bit helps."

His game does just that. Through prizes and game entries, donations have gone to such groups as ARF Ontario, Black Lives Matters groups, The Lebanese Red Cross, PFlag London, The Forest City Gallery and throughout the month of November, money collected went to the London Food Bank.

In total, he says they have raised just over $65,000 since April with his virtual game.

Ready to join the fun? Rock & Roll BINGO is played every Tuesday night from 8 until 11:30 p.m on Twitch. A Facebook group to help people stay connected has been created, while the game is played on TWITCH