LONDON, ONT. -- It's always sweet to see a family working together to help others, and this family is no exception! Meet the Card family, a decadent group who sold homemade chocolate treats to help those in need during this holiday season.

Tanya Card, a home baker, has been busy making 'cocoa bombs' and other treats for their Christmas Hamper project for Anova in London.

The idea came from Card's children, Brooklyn, 15, Emma, 10, and Evelyn, 4, who approached their mother asking if they could do something to give back to their community.

Wanting to create a small business, they asked if they could sell the treats to raise money.

With a variety of flavours including chocolate marshmallow, cookies and cream, After Eight, snowman, white chocolate mint, and café mocha, they had quite a lot of creations to choose from.

Cocoa Bombs created by Tanya Card

"We just advertised on Facebook pages, as well as our local neighbourhood Facebook group," Card says.

Delivering their orders via 'porch pickup,' they ended up collecting over $850, which they used to purchase items from a wish list that Anova provided them.

On top of that, they received over $500 worth of toys, snacks and basic necessities from people in their community.

"The kids have been so happy to see all the orders come in and how much stuff we are able to buy to help out so many families."

Chocolate treats created by Tanya Card

The Card family knows how difficult it can be as when COVID-19 first hit, both she and her husband were unemployed and trying to figure out how to pay their bills and mortgage.

"It warms my heart knowing that we can help others that may be feeling the way we did. We chose Anova because I feel as if they seem to be overlooked and I feel strongly about trying to support a woman that has the courage to make a change for her family and leave an abusive relationship."

She says she's extremely proud that her children recognize the need to 'pay it forward,' not taking what they have for granted.

Selling the treats through her Creations by Card page on Facebook, but she had to stop taking orders to be able to complete what she had before the holidays.

On Tuesday, the family dropped off their donations to Anova.

Donations collected by the Card family

When asking Card's children how they felt about what they've done to help people, Emma said, "It makes me feel like they will have a better Christmas because we could help a bit."

Brooklyn addd "I feel happy that we have a community that has helped us make this a success."

What did four-year-old Eveyln have to say? "Those boys and girls are going to be happy to get toys."

That they will.