LONDON, ONT. -- It's a rare day, February 29th, tacked on to the month to help sync the calendar with the solar system.

And for many of us it's just another day, but for babies born on this leap day, it means a long wait between actual birthdays.

Arriving at 8:34 am this morning, adorable baby Ethan Van Kesteren is the first of six babies born today at Victoria Hospital.

Proud parents Emily and Brian say today was Ethan's actual due date. The family is enjoying some alone time with the baby, before bringing him home to meet his older brother, and his cousin who already have something very special in common.

"In my husband's family, of sixteen grandkids, this is baby number two on a leap year. So our one nephew actually had his 4th birthday or his first birthday, today," said Emily Kesteren. 

According to Statistics Canada Ethan is now one of the approximately 25,000 Canadians born on February 29th

Mom says they are already looking forward to the birthday celebrations. 

"I think it's kind of fun, every four years you have extra fun. And you get to decide if his birthday the other three years is either a February birthday or a March birthday."