London Mayor Matt Brown is apologizing for the action taken by a former mayor in 1995.

Dianne Haskett, mayor from 1994 to 2000, refused to issue a Gay Pride proclamation that year.

Haskett said at the time that there was a policy to decline controversial proclamations.

Council also voted against issuing the proclamation.

The Homophile Association of London (HALO) filed a Human Rights Complaint. Haskett and the City of London were found to have discriminated against HALO. They were each fined $5,000.

Brown said in talking to members of the LGBT+ community and former city councillors, it was felt an apology should be issued.

That will come on Jan. 12 on the steps of city hall. A reception is to follow.

“I believe it is time to recognize the harmful and hurtful actions of the past, that’s why it’s important for me to apologize, so we can move forward together,” Brown said.

“LGBT+ rights are human rights and our history as a community shows we failed to acknowledge that. As mayor, I believe that London is a city where absolutely everyone should feel welcome, included and respected.”

Haskett had no comment when reached Thursday by CTV News.