London Mayor Joe Fontana vows to clean up an alley in east London that is home to drugs, prostitution and crime.

Following a CTV News story Thursday about the alley littered with needles, clean-up crews were on hand Friday morning.

Fontana is asking police to step up patrols in the area, along Dundas Street east of Adelaide Street. He also says surveillance cameras will be brought in.

“It’s unacceptable in old east London to have this sort of a situation. I'd like to see it well-lit, clean, maybe boarded up. I'd like to see cameras in old east.”

Even addicts say the area is worse than it used to be.

“What’s back here is unnecessary and it makes it look bad on all of us around here,” says Tommy Hill.

Stephen Orser, the councilor in that area of the city, will ask the city again to consider surveillance cameras near the alley. The request will go to a committee hearing next week.

While council approved two cameras for the core last month, calls for cameras along Dundas East have been voted down more than once.

But now Orser is feeling optimistic about asking again.

“Just like we saw the mayor come down, council will take this seriously and we can get the cameras in old east.”