New jobs and rapid transit are among the priorities included in the mayor's State of the City address Tuesday morning.

It's the first one delivered by London’s new Mayor Matt Brown in front of 1,300 people at the London Convention Centre.

He talked about a major initiative called 'Shift' that will study and determine routes of a new Rapid Transit System.

"It's about getting across the city faster...this program will define where rapid transit goes, what it looks like and how it will be delivered."

Approved by council last year, an environmental assessment will evaluate and help design a Rapid Transit System the mayor hopes will double ridership and reduce congestion.

Then 'Shift' kicks in to bring public consultation and design to the process.

"There will be opportunities for Bus Rapid Transit in the system, for possibly light rail as well. What we want to do is not exclude any option as we are investigating the process at this early stage," Brown says.

He added that changing London will involve an investment from taxpayers.

Brown also says new jobs are coming to London, almost 300 spread between different companies.

Among the companies growing is It produces hard-to-find computer parts, and will be adding 75 jobs in London to its 400-strong workforce.

In a bid to help boost the presence of tech companies in the downtown core, Brown also announced a new plan aimed at improving the fibre optic infrastructure in the area.