Following Tuesday's bombshell revelations by London Mayor Matt Brown and Deputy Mayor Maureen Cassidy that they had an affair, Brown chose to conduct his first on camera interview with CTV News Wednesday.

Although Brown would not confirm if the affair was sexual, he did note his wife Andrea was extremely upset with the situation.

"It became an inappropriate relationship. When I told my wife about it, she was furious. I am very fortunate that she wants to work on our marriage, wants to give me an opportunity to repair the damage that I've done."

Brown said the relationship was relatively brief, but once again was vague with details and would not commit to a time frame.

"Over the course of a number of months, the friendship developed. It was strictly personal and it was entirely inappropriate," Brown said.

Brown claims he promised his wife that he would not disclose specific details, including locations where the interactions with Cassidy occurred.

"I've made a commitment to my family. That this is my private life, these very private details. I do want to take responsibility for this, I recognize I am a public figure," Brown added.

As for why Brown and Cassidy decided to make the affair public, he said he was aware rumours that had been circulating and wanted to address them directly.

"I knew that this would be very difficult, very public, very hard on all parties involved, very hard on the community. But I felt that dealing with this in the most honest way that I could at this time, was the appropriate course of action."

Brown is set to meet with the newly minted Integrity Commissioner on Thursday.

If his actions breached his professional responsibilities, the mayor is ready to abide by those recommendations.

There have also been many calls for his resignation, something he's not prepared to do at this time.

"I take full responsibility for my actions. This was a grave error in judgement, it has put my family in a very difficult position, it's put my colleagues in a very difficult position and the community. What I'd like to do is given the appropriate amount of time, is to begin to earn trust back, first at home, and then with the community, "

Cassidy held an impromptu news conference Tuesday after the regularly scheduled council meeting that she did not attend, although she did resign as Deputy Mayor during the meeting.

She did not take any questions or respond to interview requests.

Meanwhile, CTV News has confirmed that both Brown and Cassidy will be getting paid during their hiatus from city hall.

Brown and Cassidy have both chose to take a leave of absence to deal with the fallout of the affair and spend time with family.