Despite gloomy skies and some light rain showers throughout the day, thousands of students converged on the Broughdale Avenue area near Western University for FoCo or "Fake Homecoming" celebrations.

As of 4 p.m., London police are not reporting any major incidents, a feat in itself considering an estimated 25,000 people packed Broughdale and the surrounding streets.

I think there is more people, it's really disappointing. I would say people are less inebriated, less obnoxious and the numbers are concerning. It remains a concern, I can't stand here and say there has been a huge improvement," said ward councillor Phil Squire.

The large gatherings of young people have spilled out onto other streets such as Huron.

Some students have taken to roof tops again this year - a dangerous practice known as "brewfing" - that police and other emergency officials are discouraging.

Police are urging revellers to keep streets open and clear so that emergency crews can gain access to them to get to patients.

Richmond Street was closed between Epworth Avenue and Huron Street for crowd control but has since reopened.

No serious injuries have been recorded as of yet, but there have been reported injuries related to excessive alcohol consumption.

Police officers from other jurisdictions such as York Region and Hamilton have been brought in to help with crowd control but that's of little comfort to some residents like Marjorie Ratcliffe.

"This is the fourth year we've put up with this. The attitude all summer would be, 'Be happy, and there won't be a problem."

The city estimates the one-day unsanctioned party will cost taxpayers $250,000.