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Masked suspects wanted by police after bank robberies

OPP looking for suspects after two recent bank robberies. May 29, 2023. (Source: OPP) OPP looking for suspects after two recent bank robberies. May 29, 2023. (Source: OPP)

OPP are looking to identify suspects after two recent bank robberies in the region.

The first happened on April 4 in Arkona in Lambton County, the second on May 21 in Grey Highlands in the Collingwood region.

According to police, the suspects in both incidents have used similar methods to commit the robberies but details are being withheld because the investigations are ongoing.

Police urge employees of financial institutions to follow the following tips:

  • Do not to touch any objects or surface that the suspect may have come in touched with in order to preserve evidence such as fingerprints, DNA or footwear.
  • Please observe for any suspect identifiers such as, behaviour, odours, clothing brands, or any other identifier.
  • Please advise police of any suspicious persons that seem out of place, both before and after an event.

In the event of a robbery in progress, employees at financial institutions and members of the public are advised not to confront, attack or chase the suspects. Instead, cooperate with the suspects and do not volunteer information unless asked. When it is safe to do so, call 911. Top Stories

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