LONDON, ONT. -- Protecting yourself from COVID-19 comes at a cost for many of us, but for some families already struggling to get by it’s an extra burden.

That’s why a donation of 7,500 disposable masks is a big help to the Northwest London Resource Centre.

“Now we can be able to give these donated masks to families so they do not make a choice between buying food or buying masks,” says Amani Radhaa from the centre.

She says the demand for help has jumped since COVID-19.

“We used to see 10 to 15 individuals access the emergency food cupboard, at the height of COVID we we're seeing an average between 120 to 150 individuals a day.”

Five thousand of the masks came from the Hyde Park Business Improvement Association (BIA).

“We are very aware that this could help families make a choice between staples such as groceries or a mask so we want them all to be able to be outfitted with appropriate masks,” says Donna Szpakowski from the Hyde Park BIA.

The rest were donated by the manufacturer, Canadian Health Masks, and they are produced in London.

“We are just trying to do our bit by donating these masks and we'll keep on donating as long as they need it,” says Dr. Zahid Khan, owner of Canadian Health Masks.

The donation was organized by Councillor Josh Morgan, who says it's important to help those in need during the pandemic.

"Northwest London Resource Centre helps a lot of families in need and a mask is now a basic need so this is another service they can provide now.”