It's been a yuletide tradition at London's Marconi Club for more than 30 years, a Christmas feast for those less fortunate.

On Sunday, they served up not only food but hope for a better future.

"People take the time out, especially really close to Christmas and with everybody busy, I'm just thankful for everybody that came and helped with this event," says Ashley Bradbury, who attended with her fiance and children.

Organizers say it's overwhelming how anxious people are to help.

"Two months prior, the phone calls would come from people who want to come just to volunteer there day to help. So people have been here since 8 o'clock this morning, cutting cakes, putting bread in baskets, setting tables. It's just been really, really wonderful," says Teresa Fabrizio, Marconi Club general manager.

Organizers had to charter a bus that stopped at local aid agencies like the Salvation Army and the Men's Mission.

"They're reaching out to people that are kind of having a hard time or people who are laid off from work and different things like that. And they just reach out to people all the time and they're doing a good thing," says guest Kenneth Outerbridge.