WINGHAM, ONT. -- Peter Meades logs thousands of kilometres running across Huron County each summer.

He loves it, but during a recent stretch of outings, he came across a lot of garbage along the side of the roads he was running on.

“I think garbage sort of happens. You can see things blowing around in certain areas, but the problem is you see some spots of people dumping out their wind. In this day and age, I didn’t believe that was a thing, but it is,” says Meades.

So, the Bayfield native decided he’d kill two birds with one stone. He’d run across Huron County, and pick up garbage as he goes in a converted child stroller.

“It’s more challenging than I thought it would be. You kind of take for granted, just free hand running. So, it’s been a learning curve, switching my arms and pushing the stroller,” he says.

By month’s end he expects to reach 1000 km.

That only leaves 2000 km to go.

Meades has been averaging 21 km a day, and three to four bags of garbage a day. He runs every other day, and plans to complete his County Cleanup-Enviro Run by this fall.

“I don’t like running in winter, so that’s pretty good incentive to get moving,” he says.

Meades says it’s a rewarding experience so far, as he nears the quarter point of his journey across Huron County.

“I’m able to do the thing I love, which is run, and clean up as I go,” says Meades.

You can follow his journey here.