LONDON, ONT. -- The South West Public Health region announced over 40 new cases today, but the vast majority of the active cases stem from Maple Manor Long term care home in Tillsonburg.

There are currently 84 residents, and 47 staff that have contracted the virus at the home.

Sandy Jansen is the CEO and President of Tillsonburg & District Memorial Hospital

"The home itself has done just an incredible job, we are in contact with them daily; At least daily to ensure that we are there to support them."

The surge in cases at this point appears to be contained to the retirement home, and Mayor Steven Molnar is imploring residents to keep vigil as the second wave continues to crash on the area and province. 

"I have been very proud of the general acceptance of the guidelines, the public health protocols and the provincial guidelines. Has it been perfect? No."

Four of the maple manor residents are in Hospital, two in Tillsonburg, one in Woodstock and one in London. Jansen says they have been preparing for any potential surge in cases

"We have a number of beds that are ready to be opened. We’ve hired a number of staff. We’ve hired nurses, we’ve hired PSW’s, we’ve hired respiratory therapists, so we have a number of staff that are ready to go. And the beds are ready to go."

To that point, Molnar says residents should not be afraid to go to the hospital if they are in need of medical care. 

"Do not self diagnose. If you should be in an emergency department, get yourself to where there’s proper health care."

CTV News has reached out to the management team at Maple Manor to comment on our story, and have yet to receive a response at the time of this post.