LONDON, ONT. -- It’s the first weekend where eligible people are required to wear masks indoors in London.

So how is one of the biggest shopping malls in the city regulating the new rules and are people abiding by them?

White Oaks Mall General Manager, Jeff Wilson tells CTV News in a statement, “We are happy to abide by the new instructions and have masks available to customers who do not have their own masks to wear.”

Wilson says that security and staff are equipped with masks to hand out to people. They are also checking in with customers who may not be aware of the new requirement.

Becky Gunman was shopping for her husband for the first time in months and says she does not mind wearing a mask while doing so.

“Every store you seem to go into they have the protocols down-pat, where you have to sanitize your hands. I’m good with it,” says Gunman.

Another customer named Susan says she does not like the new mask-rule but she is following it anyway.

“I feel closed in, I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic…but it’s for the benefit of all, not the benefit of one,” says Susan.

Manager of Tip Top Tailors, Shaughn Russel, says it is a good idea to wear masks in public places.

“On your own time or in your own space you can do what you want but I think when you are in public you should wear a mask,” says Russel.

Russel says he understands that not every person has been made aware of the new rule so he is giving customers who are not wearing a mask a bit of a grace-period.

“We’re giving them (customers) about a week. We’re telling people you know, if you come in you have to wear a mask next time. I am seeing more wear a mask today than I have in the past.”

Signage with the new guidelines are posted throughout the mall and at every entrance and exit.

Sue Hammond, manager of Charm Diamonds Centre says customers have been very respectful of the new regulations.

“Customers have been excellent, very supportive and very understanding of the new rules.”

Hammond has turned one person away for refusing to wear a mask.

“He was fine in fact he said he had a great-big-bubble and he hasn’t stopped partying since this all started, that was it. I said ‘I am sorry’ and he said ‘it’s fine I’ll go elsewhere,’” says Hammond.

While the instruction to wear a mask applies to most people, the following individuals are exempt from having to wear face coverings:

• Children under the age of 12;

• People who have a medical condition or disability which inhibits their ability to wear a face covering;

• Those unable to apply or remove a face covering without help;

• People with accommodations under the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Accessibility for Ontarians with a Disabilities Act;

• Staff or agents of an enclosed public space who are in an area of the premises that is designated for them and not accessible to the public, or in an area separated by a physical barrier, such as plexiglass