A man accused of abducting his three daughters from St. Thomas in 1993 is back in Canada to face charges after waiving extradition.

Benham Slim, 51, was arrested in Detroit in October in connection with the alleged abduction of his three daughters 20 years ago. They were seven, six and two at the time.

On Tuesday, officers from the St. Thomas Police Service met with U.S. Marshalls at the Detroit-Windsor border and took Slim into custody.

At the time of the alleged abduction in 1993, Slim was believed to have taken the children to Beirut, Lebanon, in contravention of a court order and with no plans to return to Canada.

Slim was arrested when he returned to Canada in 1997, but he did not have his children with him.

He agreed to return the children and return to face the charges as conditions for being released on bail, but he did not fulfil either condition.

In 2003, the girls were finally reunited with their mother, who had moved to Texas, with the assistance of the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon.

Slim will now face four charges when he appears in court, three counts of child abduction from 1993 and one count of failing to attend court from 1998.