A suspect is at large and another suspect is in custody after police say a man was bound and beaten inside a St. Thomas home.

Police say a man showed showed up at a residence bloodied and allegedly beaten on Friday. 

He told police he was tied up and assaulted inside a home and was able to later escape through a basement window in the home. He had minor injuries.

Two suspects have been identified and police say they are known to the man.

One of them, a 47-year-old man from St. Thomas is at large, while a 29-year-old St. Thomas man is now in custody.

"The male party arrrested yesterday, Joel Dunn...appeared in court today and again Monday," said Sgt. Luke Cummings of the St. Thomas police.

Dunn is charged with asault, forcible confinement and four counts of breach of conditions.

"The outstanding suspect is 47-year-old Shawn Hurl. He's also from the city. Both have previously been charged and are at large on separate release charges," Cummings says.

He says a warrant is being sought in connection with Hurl for assault, forcible confinement and two counts of breaching his conditions of previous release.

Police say Hurl does not post a threat to the community as they believe it was an isolated incident.

CTV News spoke to neighbours who say while the incident is concerning, it's not overly suprising, noting police often patrol the street and a lot of vehicles are seen coming and going from the residence at night.