London police and EMS responded to a report of a shooting around 10:15 p.m. last night at 359 Springbank Drive near Seawood Avenue.  

About a dozen police vehicles were on scene, and a K-9 team was deployed.

Upon arrival, they spotted two men with injuries. 

Police say one man was found with a gunshot wound, while the other sustained minor injuries due to altercation. 

Both men were transported to hospital.  The man found with a gunshot wound sustains serious injuries. 

Witnesses say a single shot was fired and police quickly taped off the property, while a trail of blood could be seen on the sidewalk at the base of the front steps.  

Investigation reveals that three males enterted the home, each possesing a weapon. 

The suspects fled the scene upon the police's arrival. 

Investigators believe that was a planned event and not a case of a random act. 

The investigation has been handed over to the Major Crime Section.