London police are investigating after a man died following a reported assault on Hansuld Street on Tuesday night.

A neighbour tells CTV London she’s ready to move after 44 years in her east London neighbourhood, near Fanshawe College.

Not giving her name, the woman spoke of the moments that lead to the death of a 33-year-old man on Hansuld Street.

“A woman knocked on my door asking for a mouth guard, or something like that, to help a man with an asthmatic attack in the backyard.”

The woman says he was in the backyard of 1699 Hansuld.

London Police say they were called to the street about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday after a 911 caller reported an assault.

There they found a 33-year old man in medical distress. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. No name has been released.

A police media release originally stated the case was being treated as homicide, but later a spokesperson contacted CTV News to clarify the case is – in fact – a death investigation. A later release was updated to reflect the change.

Although there are some owner- occupied homes on Hansuld, many are rental units for students.

Immediately around the scene of the death, several international students attending Fanshawe College are tenants.

Josue Berrios, from Honduras, says he heard sirens, and went outside to see police, firefighters and an ambulance.

But until approached by CTV, he was unware a man had died.

With police detectives and photographers in the background, he stated, “Oh my God!”

“I wasn’t expecting that. I mean there is danger everywhere, but it’s surprising, especially since it's so close to our place.”

On his way to class, Himay Mehda, added he was surprised to see such heavy police activity in a Canadian city.

“I thought it was very peaceful and safe. But if something like this happens, we become a little bit scared, as we are so far from our country.”

Another man, who lives nearby, says the home sees many different tenants come and go, and he’s never known any to be Fanshawe students.

Police say the investigation is in the early stages and no arrests have been made at this time.