ST. THOMAS, Ont. - The man accused of killing his dog spent Day 2 of his trial in the prisoner's box after being arrested Tuesday for breaching bail conditions on an unrelated case.

Tarrick Fakira-Martin sat quietly as Assistant Crown Attorney Vanessa Stewart called a pair of witnesses to the stand.

Pathologist Dr. Murray Hazlett described his autopsy on the deceased German shepherd and photos were shown on the screen. When the pictures were visible, Fakira-Martin never looked up. He covered his eyes, was shaking and was brought to tears.

Hazlett described multiple ulcerations and abrasions on the face of the dog with the longest at nine centimetres. He also said the dog had previously suffered a broken leg.

Hazlett will be cross-examined by defence lawyer Bill Glover Thursday.

The Crown also called Fakira-Martin’s former neighbour and friend Aaron Watt. Watt described seeing the dog named Lady with an injured leg. He testified he witnessed the accused throwing his dog multiple times in Kettle Creek.

He also called the dog “malnourished, scared and timid.”

Glover showed a Facebook video where Watt was pleased about hearing of physical harm during an assault on Farkira-Martin.

The Crown will call another witness Thursday. Glover will also present his defence on what is expected to be the final day of this trial.