A 38-year-old Middlesex Centre man is facing charges after an incident in which he allegedly swore at a school bus driver and nearly caused the bus to crash.

Elgin County OPP say the incident happened last Tuesday morning shortly after 8:30 a.m. on Southminster Bourne just east of Woodplante Road.

A Badder Bus school bus carrying 11 high school students heading for St. Thomas was turning right to go eastbound onto Southminster when the driver says an eastbound white pickup truck became visible.

The bus driver believed the truck was at a safe distance and proceeded to turn.

The bus driver told police that's when the pickup pulled up beside the bus and gestured before speeding ahead of the bus and stopping abruptly, forcing the bus driver to take evasive action to avoid rear-ending the pickup.

Fortunately no one was injured, though students reportedly did have to brace themselves during the stop.

After stopping at the next intersection, the pickup driver then reportedly exited the vehicle and approached the bus, shouting obscenities at the bus driver before getting back in his vehicle and speeding off.

During the incident, students on board the bus were able to copy down the licence plate of the pickup.

As a result, Peter Kemmerling has been charged with:

  • careless driving
  • stunt driving - stop or slow to interfere with another vehicle
  • operate commercial motor vehicle - no valid Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration

He is scheduled to appear in a St.Thomas court on April 25.