London police have charged seven people with a total of 27 offences after seizing a loaded gun and drugs.

Members of the guns and drugs section executed search warrants Thursday at residences on Ontario Street, Ernest Avenue, Kinnear Crescent, Wharncliffe Road South and Ann Street, as well as a vehicle.

The following items were seized:

-Loaded sawed off shotgun

-96 rounds of 9mm ammunition

-15 rounds of shotgun ammunition

-40 grams of suspected cocaine, value $4000

-7 grams of marihuana, value $140

-5 Oxycodone pills, value $50

-$3430 in Canadian Currency

-$220 in US Currency

As a result of the investigation, seven individuals have been charged, including Mohamed Sail, 27.

He was acquitted in the 2015 shooting death of Jeremy Cook, a Brampton teenager who was trying to recover his stolen cellphone when he was shot to death.

In 2017, Sail was found not guilty of second-degree murder.