London police officers are out in force during Western University's so-called fake Homecoming, also known as "FOCO".

Thousands of students have crowded onto Broughdale Avenue and surrounding side streets to celebrate FOCO.

As of 4 p.m., 26 people had to be transported to hospital, the most serious being a male who was hurt after he jumped off a roof. According to witnesses, the crowd encouraged him to jump but failed to catch him when he did.

Several charges have been laid by police, but it's unclear how many at this point.

Meanwhile, the University’s Student Council is hosting “Purple Fest,” a six-hour event featuring acts, such as Lil Uzi Vert and Loud Luxury, as well as a licensed beer tent.

In 2016, Western University moved Homecoming to late October in an effort to tone down rowdy street parties.

Despite the change, the parties continued.

Last year, London police laid more than 60 charges and issued nearly a thousand warnings.

Thirty-seven people were taken to hospital.

Police will be cracking down on underage drinking, public intoxication, drug use, public urination and partying on rooftops.

Perhaps most importantly, police are urging people to stay off the streets.

"We want to remind people planning to attend events to please keep the roads clear. We have had incidents in past where the road was not clear and we were unable to get emergency vehicles through to assist people," says London police Cst. Sandasha Bough.