Organizers of Pride festivals from across the country have gathered in London for the first time for a four-day conference.

Canada Pride is holding the conference and its annual general meeting at a downtown hotel through Sunday and 16 national Pride organizations are participating, as well as the Boston Pride group.

“This really is our chance to get together, bounce those ideas off each other and recharge for the new season of Pride,” said Andrew Rosser, London Pride president.

More than 15,000 people will take part in this year’s London Pride Festival in July. Organizers are planning to ensure that all who want to ake part in the festivities are able to do so.

That's why a conference topic on how to make Pride more accessible was held.

“It’s really the space trying to maneuver through the crowds and the venues and tents,” said Mike Mulligan, owner of London’s Moving Forward Rehabilitation and Wellness Centre.

Mulligan was the keynote speaker Saturday.

“I just want everyone to enjoy it (Pride festival), not just people in wheelchairs, but elderly people in walkers and moms with strollers as well,” he said.

Rosser said organizers have the responsibility to be inclusive so it's important to have this discussion.

Other topics on the agenda include LGBT homelessness and being a good ally to women.