LONDON, ONT. -- The return to school survey deadlines are approaching fast for parents and guardians.

The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) is reminding parents the deadline to confirm whether your child will be attending classes in person this September is Tuesday.

The London District Catholic School Board, (LDCSB) has a deadline of Thursday Aug. 20.

Director of Education for LDCSB, Linda Staudt, says that about 60 per cent of guardians have responded to the survey so far.

“Right now we are trending about 90 percent of parents electing for their students for full in class learning. We are pleased with that,” says Staudt.

The Catholic school board has approximately 22,000 students in total.

The TVDSB says that as of noon Monday, more than 8,200 students had opted for full remote learning at home, meaning the majority of students will be returning to class come September.

“Our plans have been shared with the Ministry of Education and local public health units and they are supportive of our comprehensive and multi-pronged approach,” says Education Director Mark Fisher in a news release.

Staudt says that the Catholic school board has implemented many safety measures in schools to keep students safe, which may make parents feel more comfortable come September.

“It’s the top three that I have been calling them, it’s the masking, the physical distancing and the hand-washing,” says Staudt.

Staudt says that in elementary schools there could be larger class sizes of up to 25 students, but students will stick to one classroom and not mix with one another.

When it comes to substitute teachers, Staudt says that schools are going to need as many as they can get.

“We’re working on our list and attracting as many as we can, and we’re going to try to keep them in family schools if at all possible,” says Staudt.

Staudt says substitute teachers will have to wear a mask as well and stick to one school a day.

The TVDSB posted on its Facebook page, looking to hire as well.

“We’re hiring elementary and secondary occasional teachers,” says the post.

If parents or guardians do not complete the Catholic school board return to school survey by Aug. 20, Staudt says that the schools will be calling parents.

The TVDSB tells CTV News, “The board will be making every effort to reach out to parents and guardians who they have not heard from.”