It’s a homecoming of sorts for Loud Luxury duo Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace as they’re set to take the stage at the 2019 JUNO Awards in London.

The pair are both Western University Alumni and are hot on the heels of their seven-time platinum single ‘Body.’

Joe De Pace grew up in London and is thrilled to be returning home to perform.

“We were super stoked even when we found out it was in London this year so I mean the fact that we’re playing…is crazy,” De Pace said.

Mississauga native Andrew Fedyk said it’s an incredible feeling to play in the city where he attended university.

“We were very excited for the reason that so much of our performances are normal ly super late at night, usually at a night club, so getting the chance to be up there and show our artistry is like the craziest feeling ever,” Fedyk said.

“We’re planning something very special for the performance,” De Pace hinted.

“We spent our childhoods just dreaming of being up on that stage and getting to do it here in a place where we call home is amazing,” Fedyk said.

Since the JUNOs were announced in London, $1 from ticket sales at Budweiser Gardens, London Music Hall and Centennial Hall have been going to the MusiCounts program that will help provide instruments to children in Canada. To date, $100,000 has been raised through broadcast ticket sales.

CARAS/The JUNO Awards and MusiCounts president and CEO Allan Reid says the announcement is great news, and says money will continue to be raised from every ticket sold right through to the day of the JUNOs.

“We knew they had been raising money for a while, but had no idea it was this large, so it’s absolutely incredible. And to put that into perspective for people, that will fully fund 20 elementary school music programs that not only the kids now, but literally for the next 15 to 20 years will also have access to those instruments,” Reid said.

Reid said the JUNOs aren’t just about entertainment. He said it’s a huge cultural moment and a key economic driver, with London using music throughout the course of the year to enrich the lives of their citizens

“When the JUNOs comes in here around Juno week we usually average about a $10 million economic impact,” Reid said. “The entire music industry is going to descend on London Ontario and we’ll be filling up every hotel room, every bad, every live music place will be jam packed with not just industry, but hopefully also people of London coming out to take it in.”

Mayor-elect Ed Holder said having the JUNOs in London is great for the City and community.

“We’re a city that’s on the map in Canada, but truly this puts us not only national, but international. The Juno’s will make such an incredible impact in London. We’re tremendously excited,” Holder said.

Holder said the money raised for MusiCounts will go to support 20 school music programs, proving instruments that will last for years.

“I think that’s going to be huge for those students, but also the economic impact,” Holder said. “People are coming from across Canada and internationally to be part of Canada’s JUNO’s here in London.”

Holder said he’s thrilled to have Loud Luxury named as the first performers

“I think it’s tremendous,” Holder said. “…These are Londoners that are ‘purple and proud’. They’re Western kids and they get it. They understand London . London is their home and we’re glad to welcome them here.”

Reid agrees it’s great for London to welcome home Fedyk and De Pace.

“It’s funny when we first were talking about this I didn’t even know that Loud Luxury was Canadian initially,” Reid said. “I love their song ‘Body’ and then I found out they were from Canada and then more importantly that they were from London.”

Reid said they’re the best “hometown success story” and said he’s honoured to have as part of the JUNOs.