LONDON, ONT -- Former Ward 3 councillor Bernie MacDonald died earlier this week, leaving behind a nearly 30-year legacy in London politics.

Bernie MacDonald served as councillor for Ward 3 for 28 years, and even after his retirement once considered a return in 2014 at the age of 71.

MacDonald's work on council included fighting for women to be firefighters, and efforts to keep libraries open.

In his final term as councillor MacDonald secured 78 per cent of the vote, a testament to his popularity amongst the constituents of Ward 3.

Upon news of his death this week tributes began to pour in on social media.

“He always took care of his ward first. He fought with us to keep libraries open. He was lots of fun, pranking people and making jokes,” wrote Megan Walker, Executive Director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, on twitter.

MacDonald also led the charge for the city’s first graffiti bylaw.

Originally from the Maritimes, he left city politics back in 2010 returning to Cape Breton.

Throughout his career he worked at Ontario Hydro, and GM Diesel.