LONDON, ONT. -- The lineup to get vaccinated was around the corner at Wonderland and Fanshawe Park roads in northwest London,  once word got out that the Shoppers Drug Mart was one of the day’s pop-up sites for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“I just found out through social media that this was happening so I just came down, wasn't even sure that they were doing it,” says Erica Baptista. “I've been in line for four hours, and I will be getting my shot today.”

Baptista passed the time by meeting new people like Alina Subrt.

“I talked on the phone and I made friends,” adds Subrt. “We went and got coffee for each other, we've had a great time in the line.”

Rob Gaynor happened to stumble across the lineup when he was walking by so he and he wife Tammy decided to get their shots.

“I asked somebody what it was about and they said that they were doing vaccine shots here so I thought why not,” says Gaynor.

Even though the lineup was long, everyone received a ticket for their shot. The Shoppers at Wonderland and Fanshawe was allocated 220 doses.

Adam Aasen is the owner and pharmacist at the store and he’s pleased with the turnout.

“I am incredibly proud of the people in my business and the people here in line today all coming together to do the right thing which is to distribute vaccines to Londoners.”

Gaynor adds that there's excitement to see the vaccine distributed.

“You know we're all kind of sick of this pandemic at this point and just want it over, but we want to be protected as well, so it's exciting to be at this point.”