LONDON, ONT. -- Whether they were enjoying the an ice cream cone or just having a drink, hundreds of people were doing it at an outdoor patio in Wortley Village on Tuesday.

“You know you've got to take it while you can,” said Jackie Looper, who was at the Wortley Roadhouse. “Snow's going to fly pretty soon and then we'll all be huddled inside so we're going to enjoy this weather, get a little bit of rays.”

Across the street, Carol Blencowe and Tracy Baker were at the Wolfepack Company Bar.

“We were on our way to the beach and thought well without driving all that way where can we go and you know lunch on Wortley Street on a nice patio,” said Blencowe.

Baker thought of what it was like not long ago, “You know we had snow 10 days ago and we thought bring out the shovels, but this is so beautiful.”

Customers weren’t the only ones basking in the sun because it’s just what the doctor ordered for restaurant and bar owners amid COVID-19.

“Our business literally doubles when we have nice weather like this, “ said Greg Wolfe, the owner of Wolfepack Company Bar. “All of our places have sizeable patios.”

Not far away at the Old South Village Pub, owner Hoag Qadhi says his business needed with mild weather.

“It's been perfect, without the patio I think it would have been a really big challenge, “ said Qadhi. “It's a complete 100 per cent bonus and thank you weather Gods.”