The woman at the centre of a sexual assault and torture trial in London recanted her story on Wednesday.

She testified that her wounds were self inflicted.

The woman who suffers from cerebral palsy testified in a child-like fashion via closed circuit from another floor in the courthouse.

Questioned by crown attorney Laurie Tuttle, the woman who can't be identified said she gave herself injuries to her back, neck, legs and arms.

"I poured boiling hot water on my leg, I poured hot boiling water down my back," she said.

Asked why she responded, "I did this because I was acting crazy," she testified.

This testimony is in sharp contract to the first trial when the complainant pointed the finger at the two accused.

This time she says the wounds were self inflicted because like her mother and brother, she suffers from psychotic episodes.

The woman told the court she would also whip herself with a long slender object from Rick and Anderson's bedroom.

Asked why she didn't seek professional help for her badly infected wounds she responded, "I was scared about what the doctor would say about my injuries."

She went on to say that Rick and Anderson would assist.

"They said it was okay that they would take care of me," she testified.

In August of 2011 police officers showed up to the south London apartment she shared with the two accused.

This is the second trial for Johnathan Rick, 39, and Cynthia Anderson, 36.

Both face a number of sexual and aggravated assault related charges.

Her testimony continues.