LONDON, ONT. -- Several London hotels are getting a boost, and they're hopeful it will give customers more incentive to stay a little longer.

Tourism London has launched a campaign to help the struggling hotel industry during COVID-19.

The ‘Stay a Little Longer’ initiative pays for a second night stay at about 15 London hotels once the customer pays for the first night.

Cheryl Finn of Tourism London says, “Our tourism was hit first. It was hit the hardest and will probably be one of the last industries to recover as a result of the pandemic. Really our messaging is to support local because we need these businesses to thrive and survive through the pandemic into recovery and beyond because there is a beyond COVID.”

The Four Points Sheraton on Wellington Road is among the hotels participating.

Business there is down about 75 per cent since the start of the pandemic.

Manager Janice Griffith says the hotel adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols and people should feel safe taking a staycation.

“Know you can come into a motel, know that it’s clean, know that all the protocols are being taken care of. Let the family enjoy a swim. You don't have to make your bed and with no COVID cases here at the Four Points to date we don't want any.”

A full list of hotels participating in the program is available here.