It's probably the worst timing for a snow removal company to go out of business.

Property Connect Inc. advertised from Ottawa to Windsor.

But the London-based company closed two days ago leaving some customers with nothing more than a phone message.

That includes Carolyn Stanzel.

"It wasn't until i got that message that i realized that no one was coming and that i was going to have to do this myself."

And she's not the only one having to shovel out on her own.

Karen Lucas also says she never received the snow removal service she paid for in mid-October.

"Ok, now what? We've paid this money, we want it done. We're back to the same situation now we're going to go out and shovel," says Lucas.

Lucas adds the company only showed up three times, after several complaints to the owner.

"He repeatedly told me we've got logged visits to your house, when clearly they had never come," she says.

A contract says Property Connect Inc. would be dispatched to remove snow anytime two or more inches of snow accumulates, but customers say that didn't happen.

Company owner Dave Havers was nowhere to be found at Property Connect's London offices on Thursday.

The company dropped off advertisements in people's mailboxes back in the fall, claiming to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

But that's not the case, says BBB spokesperson Deborah Brady, in fact she says "We've received 59 complaints about them starting back in November when we had our first big snowfall here in London."

Havers also ran another snow clearing company last year called Precision Property Solutions, and the BBB says it had at least 10 complaints launched against it.

"I believe that they did try to resolve some of the complaints, but they had just bitten off more than they could chew," says Brady.