Two sites in London are on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s (AGCO) list of proposed licensed cannabis retail stores.

A lottery selection was held by the AGCO Tuesday.

Noah Soberano and Robert Chomiak were two of 42 applicants who can now apply for a cannabis retail operator licence and a retail store authorization.

Soberano is proposing a store address of 1135 Richmond St. That is in the Broughdale Avenue area, the site of fake homecoming parties in the last couple of years that the city has been trying to clamp down on.

Hussein Hamo says with all of the students coming back to the city, this potential cannabis shop could see a lot of activity.

"From a business point of view, it seemed like a smart location. Probably next to a high density of people who probably engage in those products and if we benefit from extra traffic coming to the plaza. It's a win-win, for everybody, I'd say," he says.

Hamo's computer store is directly below the proposed pot shop.

Chomiak has indicated he is interested in opening a unit at 1310 Fanshawe Park Rd. W.

Applicants have until August 28 to apply for the licence. AGCO will then review them. A news release says it will only licence applicants and authorize stores that meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

There is also another applicant on the waiting list with the same address of Soberano’s proposed shop.

The 42 stores will be distributed regionally, with 13 in the city of Toronto, six going to the Greater Toronto Area, 11 in the west region, seven going to the east region, and in the north, one each in Kenora, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay and Timmins.