Some might know her as one of the Mini Pop Kids. All grown up now, 21-year-old singer/songwriter Saveria from London is hoping to make it on CTV’s The Launch.

"I’d say my vocal style is very soulful, R & B. My mom brought me up on all the Motown music. She was a huge fan of like Soul Train and she would dance around the house all the time to Aretha Franklin and I was really, really into that at a young age."

After passing an audition last year she qualified as one of the contestants for season two, which is airing now, and will start her appearance on the Feb. 13 episode.

At just six years old she already knew her passion was singing, and music is what she wanted to do with her life.

She joined the Mini Pops at age nine, making an album with the kid sensations, and has been performing music ever since.

The soulful songstress is hoping to be chosen as the winning singer on her episode, Feb. 13, to sing and launch a brand new single.