Elementary schools in London got both top marks and failing grades in the Fraser Institute's Report Card on Ontario Elementary Schools 2014.

The London schools that ranked at the top of the list were University Heights Public School and the London Islamic School, both ranking in the top 25 in the province.

Among the bottom 40 schools on the list were; Lorne Avenue Public School, Trafalgar Public School, Lord Nelson Public School and Ealing Public School, the latter of which was ranked 2,999 out of 3,030 schools.

The Fraser Institute bases the ranking on academic indicators from the annual EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) tests in reading, writing and math.

In a statement, Peter Cowley, director of school performance studies at the Fraser Institute, said, "By pinpointing the subject areas where individual schools improve or decline, and by demonstrating how a school’s academic performance compares to other Ontario schools, our report helps educators help kids be more successful in the classroom."

While rankings also include information about average parental income, percentage of ESL students and percentage of special needs students, the Fraser Institute says the report card shows schools can create success despite these perceived barriers.

Included in the rankings are English- and French-language public and Catholic schools as well as some private schools in the province.

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