LONDON, ONT. -- The South Asian Association of London and Surrounding Area is reaching out to those who are confined.

“We are picking up a list of groceries from the store and then dropping them off,” says Shams Syed, one of the volunteers.

Those in need make up a list for the volunteer, and just need to pay via cash or e-transfer upon delivery.

“And we don’t charge for the delivery, they just pay us for the groceries,” Syed explains.

In all there are 30 volunteers involved from the association.

“This is a time to help one another,” says Bhavin Patel, another volunteer.

Starting this weekend they are going to begin making and delivering free meals to those who are in need.

“We are going to hand out about 50 meals a day,” says Patel.

Mike Murphy, 63, is a heart attack victim who is concerned about going out to grocery stores.

“This is amazing,” Murphy says. “The help that they are providing at this time is tremendous.”

If you know someone in need who could use a delivery or a free meal you are asked to call one of two numbers: 519-615-0678 or 519-697-7799.