LONDON, ONT. -- London and Middlesex County could run out of COVID-19 vaccine in as little as two to three days.

On the heels of similar warnings from hospitals in Toronto and Ottawa, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Executive Vice President, Neil Johnson says the local supply of initial shots will be exhausted soon.

Johnson tweeting, "Our first shipment will be finished in 2-3 days. We will then be at steady state that we vaccinate as many as we receive each week."

On Friday, a long line of healthcare workers and long-term care employees stretched into the Agriplex’s parking lot awaiting their first shot of the two-dose vaccine.

"I work at Chartwell in Aylmer. I decided to get the shot for the residents there," explained Kylie Norris.

"I think it’s a huge relief. We’ve been waiting for a very long time and it’s finally here," echoed Nicole Priddle.

But without an urgent resupply, new vaccinations will be paused.

Once the first shipment is exhausted, and until new vaccine arrives from suppliers, only secondary booster shots will be given.

"Second dose recipients start next week. We are at the first stages of a longer ground game," Tweeted Johnson.

The province has received no firm date when more vaccine will arrive in Ontario.

On Friday, provincial officials indicated they expect new doses sometime next week.