LONDON, ONT. -- Instead of going door to door, some trick-or-treaters went bumper to bumper for London’s first ever, drive-thru Halloween event hosted by Budweiser Gardens.

Goblins, princesses and monsters of all kinds took part in a Candy Cruise Saturday afternoon. 

Halloween-goers in vehicles swung through the Budweiser Gardens south parking lot off King Street, and were greeted by Star Wars characters, superheroes and even zombies who safely gave children treat bags. 

"I got some lollipops and chocolates," shouted Mason, who was dressed as a Ghostbuster. 

The event was a huge success, so much so, that Talbot, King and Dundas Streets were jam packed with congestion lineups for several hours. 

"We packed 550 treat bags and we are almost done them, so I would say we have almost had 400 people come through, and there are still people waiting to get in," says Danielle Phillips Marketing manager for Budweiser gardens. 

To keep things safe, the booths that offered candy were separated from one another by at least one large spot. 

Some candy givers got creative and used large poles or tongs to deliver candy, but everyone made sure to wear a mask. 

"Everyone's been super excited that’s come through, they’ve been really grateful that we are offering this and if they don’t feel comfortable they can stay in their car and get some candy," says Phillips. 

Budweiser Gardens did not have to do this all alone but instead got a huge lending hand from London Comic Con, with many members operating the candy booths. 

The president of London Comic Con, Andrew Kitt, says he called in a few favours from friends so candy givers could deliver treat bags in style. 

"We did not want to let Halloween go without having fun, since we couldn’t do Comic Con. With Budweiser Gardens, we did this together and called in some partners and it's been an overwhelming success." 

The event ran from noon -2:00 p.m. on Saturday. People were allowed to go through the candy cruise by walking or using bicycles as well.