LONDON, ONT. -- The winner of this year’s Dream Lottery took a long-distance call Thursday.

Lori Flynn won her choice of one of two dream homes; a pair of prize packages combined with cash; or a cash prize of $1-million.

Flynn, who resided in Exeter with her husband when she purchased her winning ticket, has since moved to Alberta.

Sara Cameron of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation telephoned Flynn moments after the winning ticket number was revealed.

“I was wondering if you’re sitting down?” Cameron asked Flynn.

“I am now” responded Flynn with excited hesitation.

Moments later she learned she had won the grand prize.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

50/50 Winner

The winner of $633,187.50 in the Dream Lottery 50/50 draw was even more overwhelmed.

Malaisy Visovath says a friend, watching the live draw on CTV London, called to tell her she’d won.

She told the friend, “You’re joking”.

Moments later her phone rang again with the confirmation call from Dream Lottery officials.

“I’ve never won anything in my life!” she said in shock at her big win.

Also in shock, with appreciation, London's hospital foundations.

Since 1996 the lotteries have raised over $44 million in support of medical facilities in the Forest City.